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Recent Work

"Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on." - Jerry Della Femina

We value our clients, and we take great pride in being a trusted collaborator that works with you every step of the way to achieve your marketing goals. While some of our ideas may be unconventional, we’re committed to getting real results by making your message stand out.  Plus, we’ll customize a digital marketing package that perfectly fits your business and your budget. Take a look at some of our recent work:


Services: Brand Strategy, Video Production, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Copywriting


“Please Humor Media was been a driving force in helping us reach new customers. We’d been using the same marketing techniques for years, until I decided to try something new.  I went to Tony at PHM because I knew he’d be able to come with something fresh, fun and entertaining. He helped us reinvigorate our social media presence and came up with some great, outside-the-box branding concepts, including our “Where Tacos Live” campaign.” – The Late, Great Rick Fox, Owner, Julio’s

New Orleans marketing agency

Delco Insurance Group

Services: Web Design, Logo Design, Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing


“I was referred to Tony at Please Humor Media after paying a lot of money to another company and getting no results.  Foremost, Tony’s company is a pleasure to work with.  Tony personally checks in every week, and takes the time to work with me on my marketing goals.  Within just a couple weeks of working with PHM, I had a beautiful new website and started to see my search engine rankings improve.  I also know that if I ever want to do something wacky or funny to make insurance a little more interesting, Tony’s the guy. I highly recommend working with Tony and PHM.” – Chris Delamain, President, Delco Insurance Group

Rock Solid Nutrition

Services: Brand Strategy, Video Production, SEO, Copywriting


“For the relaunch of our website, we needed some SEO help. But, more importantly, we wanted to get creative with our branding. Tony at Please Humor Media was the only person I could think of who could deliver the humorous, yet informative content we were looking for.  And, he definitely delivered. Engagement with our product has increased dramatically. Oh, and so have our sales. The Not Just Scientific Sh*t video was a huge hit online.” – Sean Harley, Owner, Rock Solid Nutrition

New Orleans marketing agency

NOLA Bagel Company

Services: Social Media, Branding, SEO


“I couldn’t be more grateful to have found Tony and Please Humor Media.  We started as just a little bagel shop in Metairie, Louisiana, then started making bagel chips.  We know how to make the best bagel chips ever, but we don’t know anything about marketing.  Tony at PHM has grown our online presence exponentially, and  has exposed us to tons of new customers.  We didn’t have a lot to spend, and Tony worked within our budget. That meant a lot to us.  – Kevin LaCour, Owner, NOLA Bagel Company.

The Birnstihl Group

Services: Social Media, Branding, Copywriting


I came to Please Humor Media because I’d tried almost every tired, old marketing trick in the book – with little success. There are so many messages out there, it’s nearly impossible to cut through the noise with a conventional marketing approach. Tony is a creative genius and a whiz at coming up with new ways to grab peoples’ attention. Using humor and a REAL, PROFANE voicemail I received,  he helped me generate a ton of new leads.” – Jason Birnstihl, The Birnstihl Group

New Orleans marketing agency

Impastato Chiropractic

Services: Web Design, Social Media, Branding, SEO, Search Marketing, Copywriting


“I was paying a lot of money to some company who promised to get me results, and I got nothing.  Thankfully, I was referred to Tony and Phil at PHM.  Affordable, easy and the work that they do actually gets results. Plus, they respond to emails, they stop by the office to check in and they always ask if we need anything.”  – Ricco Impastato, Owner, Impastato Chiropractic

Le Bon Temps Roule

Services: Web Design, Social Media, Branding, SEO, Copywriting, Reputation Management


“We are an historic bar in New Orleans, but we had no visibility online.  No website, no social media, no nothing. And, I don’t know anything about the internet. I’m so glad I found Tony. He helped us put up an awesome website, he’s gotten us a huge social media following and he does a lot of the crap I just don’t know how to do. He’s also hilarious, and he’s become a great friend. I love it when he comes to my office and we tell dirty jokes for an hour. Oh, and the bar is doing better than ever.”  – Joe Bikulege, Owner, Le Bon Temps Roule

New Orleans marketing agency
New Orleans marketing agency

Louisiana Premier Insurance Agency

Services: Web Design, Social Media, SEO, Copywriting, Digital Marketing


“We started completely from scratch. We didn’t have a website or anything. And, we needed something fast. Thank goodness we found Tony.  He gave us an awesome website in less than 2 weeks, and we’re on the first page of Google for a ton of keywords related to our industry. Not sure how Tony did it, and I really don’t know much about it. But, I sure am happy about it.”  – Dawn Smith, Partner, Louisiana Premier Insurance Agency

Boscoli Family Foods

Services: Web Design, Social Media, SEO, Copywriting, Digital Marketing


“Our website was completely outdated, and we needed a big refresh.  We also wanted to increase our online sales. Please Humor Media built us an amazing new site in just a few weeks, at an amazing price.  And, because of Tony’s SEO and social media work, our sales have greatly increased. Tony is a joy to work with. It’s been easy and fun, and he checks in regularly to see how we’re doing.”  – Matt Occhipinti,  Boscoli Family Foods


New Orleans marketing agency

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